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selection:FRANJE creates opportunities for artists of all disciplines who feel an active responsibility for showing their works. It offers a stage to all art that uses the time dimension: theatre, music, film, spoken word, performance, installation art etc. Sign up at

space:FRANJE offers venues that do not resemble a theatre. You will have to turn it into something. Based on all the applications FRANJE will construct a schedule with times and locations.

publicity:FRANJE arranges for basic publicity, however: the more the better. Send your own newsletter and press release, think of a way to attract the audience to your show, and pass them on to other shows that follow yours.

opportunities: consider well why you'd like to join FRANJE: to try-out, to make your performance grow, to practice your stage skills, to meet other artists, to get yourself a deadline etc.

what we don't offer:
fees:FRANJE doesn't pay for travel expenses or fees, nor do we have a cash desk. However, you are free to charge for admission or to send the hat round after your show.
equipment: FRANJE has no technical facilities, so take care to arrange for your own light and sound equipment, of arrange something with the artists that use the location before or after your show.

note for foreign artists:
If you want to apply for a travel grant, it sometimes helps if you have an invitation from a festival. We can provide you with a letter of invitation. We also have a limited amount of beds for foreign guests.